A downloadable game

About: Galaga was created by Akhil Karandikar within Android Studio in the last week of the SI@UCF camp. 

The goal of the game is to survive and kill the alien spaceships. In order to play the game, you use the arrow keys to move around in the game window and use the space bar to shoot the missiles.

Some of the difficulties that I had when creating the game was get the sound to link up with the game and getting the player ship to shoot the missiles. Another major difficulty that I had was getting the explosion to show up and making sure that the game didn't crash. 

 In the future, I hope to add lives and be able to have the enemy spaceships shoot at the player and add more kinds of alien spaceships that have different bullets.  I would like to thank our teacher Mr. Denker for teaching us game development within Java and all the TA's who helped me find error in the code. 


Galaga Game.jar 7 MB